Is underarm sweat and smell holding you back? You are not alone…

We know that excessive sweating can be very socially restrictive and embarrassing. We help patients to sweat less and live more.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the name given to excessive and uncontrollable sweating. This sweating can occur in unusual situations, such as in cooler weather, or without any trigger at all. It can also be caused by other medical conditions, such as menopause or hyperthyroidism.

Hyperhidrosis can be uncomfortable. However, several treatment options can provide some relief.

Botox (botulinum toxin)

The MHRA has approved the use of Botox for the management of severe hyperhidrosis, which does not respond to topical treatment with antiperspirants or antihidrotics.

Botox injections can offer a temporary, but effective solution for excessive sweating. They block the nerves that stimulate your sweat glands. The improvement of sweating is usually around 80%-100%, and should last between 6-12 months.

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