Dental bridges

Dental bridges

Bridges are a permanent and realistic looking way of filling a gap between teeth that has been caused by one or more missing teeth.  Other ways are by replacement with a denture, an implant or just leaving the gap.

A bridge is an appliance which holds one or more false teeth on it. Unlike a denture, it is permanently held in place by the teeth next to it. It is usually made of a precious metal base such as gold, with tooth-coloured porcelain bonded to any visible areas to make it look natural.

The neighbouring teeth that are going to hold the bridge, usually the teeth either side of the gap, are prepared as if for crowns and impressions taken. A skilled technician at the laboratory will then make the bridge fusing the false tooth to the crowns either side. The bridge is then bonded onto the teeth in the mouth.

Sometimes adhesive bridges can be constructed. These have a lot less impact on the neighbouring teeth because the latest bonding techniques are used to hold the false tooth in place fixed to the back of the neighbouring teeth with very little tooth preparation needed.

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