Professional Tooth Whitening with White Dental Beauty

Professional Tooth Whitening with White Dental Beauty

The secret to a beautiful smile.

Available only through dentists, White Dental Beauty tooth whitening is effective, long lasting and totally safe. White Dental Beauty is the best way to achieve that beautiful smile you have always dreamt of. 

The safest and most effective way to enhance your smile is through your dentist

Tooth whitening is the safest and most cost effective way of enhancing the appearance of teeth. It is the most requested dental procedure of patients over 18 years of age. Most results will last a long time with good maintenance. Top ups can be used without fear of damaging the teeth.

Every smile is unique and therefore every treatment is customised to achieve the best possible results for you.

These professional materials are designed for use under dental supervision as part of a professional treatment.

Your dentist will advise the best and most effective treatment for you.

White Dental Beauty, The professional choice

White Dental Beauty materials have been used by the dental profession globally for many years.

White Dental Beauty gels are produced with a unique patented formula to achieve optimum results. These carefully selected ingredients minimise sensitivity, help keep the teeth hydrated and have a pleasant mint flavour that leaves your mouth feeling really fresh.

See what a difference White Dental Beauty can make

Here is an example of teeth treated with White Dental Beauty. The images show the teeth before, in progress and after treatment.

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* WDB gels will not affect crowns, veneers or fillings

* Regular dental check ups and good oral hygiene is important to maintain a healthy smile

* If you have any questions or concerns regarding these treatments please ask us.

Attention to detail

White Dental Beauty gels are carefully formulated to maintain a neutral pH, contain water to avoid dehydration of the teeth and include a desensitising agent to help eliminate sensitivity during recommended treatments. They are gently flavoured with a pleasant mint taste which leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

White Dental Beauty gels are made to the highest specifications.

The treatment time may vary depending on your dentists personal instructions.

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